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Benefits of using a Professional Commercial Removalist

Choosing a professional removalist for your business removal and relocation is the best decision you can make. While you may be thinking of making it a fun group activity and bring all your staff together to pack and help in relocating, the stress and the amount of time it takes amateurs to pack isn’t something that businesses can afford.

This is because you save on both the time consumed in the process, the risk of damage and the stress with professional help. There are several benefits when using a company like St George Removals to help you relocate your business to a new office. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

1. No stress – yayy!

Work and family are everyone’s priorities in life and on top, both of these aspects of a person’s life need a lot of focus. Therefore, organising a move on your own will be even more stressful, trying to manage not only both work and home, but also the added stress of relocation. You will end up juggling between these commitments at the last minute and are prone to make mistakes that may prove to be major losses for your business – or god forbid, your family. Hire a professional commercial removalist so you can clean your plate for other important stuff.

2. Professional help translates into reliability

Professional removal companies are skilled in packing and moving your belongings efficiently. Thus saving you not only time but also the effort of having to do it for yourself. You know that everything you need is in one place when you use a specialist removalist. From providing you with packing materials, boxes, all the vehicles that are required, packing and even unpacking, everything is part of the service offered by a specialist removal company.

Using more than one company for different services during removals can cost you way more and will be more stressful than using a single company. You can damage any fragile items easily if not handled properly. Go for experts in the removalist industry who can help you take care of everything and are known for their reliability.

3. Proper insurance

If you have moved without any professional help, many insurance companies would not cover any damage sustained to your belongings. Insurance policies may not authenticate the damage unless the items are packaged professionally. Therefore you require a professional removalist company to offer packaging services for your business relocation.

4. It’s Safe

Lifting heavy objects during the move can sprain your back or cause injury. Removal companies are trained in heavy lifting and minimise the risks of any injury or dropping the object and breaking it.

5. Cleanup

Professional Removalist cleans up the packing material immediately after unpacking leaving your office neat and ready for business.

There are plenty of benefits of using a Professional Commercial Removal company for your business relocation. Before deciding to use their services remember that you need to take into account what exactly a company can offer you and how much do they charge for it.

Why pay exponentially high fee removal services when a company like ours is available to you. Contact St George Removals at 1300 727 115 for any kind for home, commercial, furniture and other removal and relocation services in St George and the surrounding suburbs.

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I am writing to say I would recommend your Company to anybody. The guys from St George Removals were professional, arrived on time and did a fantastic job from beginning to end. They carefully moved all our stuff quickly and efficiently and made my experience a very smooth and stress free one. Thank you once again.


I would just like to say that I have had bad removalist experiences before but St George Removals have restored my opinion, they were actually on time well a bit early but that was a bonus for me, they never complained even though there was two flights of stairs, they did everything in about the exact time I thought it would take and they were extremely professional! Thanks guys for an awesome move I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who asks! Cheers

Kelly Alvarez
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