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Benefits of using a Professional Commercial Removalist

Choosing a professional removalist for your business removal and relocation is the best decision you can make. While you may be thinking of making it a fun group activity and bring all your staff together to pack and help in relocating, the stress and the amount of time it takes amateurs to pack isn’t something […]

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Avoid when do Furniture Removals in Sydney

Moving your Office Furniture from one business location to the next is a big task. There are things you need to take into consideration before hiring a removals company to get the job done. St George Removals are experienced in Commercial Removals and can make the process a lot easier. Here are some of the […]

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Prepare To Unpack When Packing

The thing about packing for a house move is that it’s all got to be unpacked at the other end. Being mindful of this when packing will ensure you don’t throw everything haphazardly into boxes and think that it will all get sorted at your new place. If you don’t sort it pre-move its unlikely […]

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Enjoy a less Stressful Move

You’ve secured your new home in St George and are filled to the brim with excitement. You get to start over fresh, decorate from scratch and soon enough start making new memories. But what about the move? This is where the stressful part comes in, right? Not necessarily. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, not […]

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How to keep the kids Happy When Moving

At some point during your move you will feel stressed, you may even feel like giving up. Moving is hard, not just the packing and the transportation, but everything together seems like a never ending battle. And then you’ll have to come to terms with the change in environment, the new neighbours, the unfamiliar place. […]

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Make the Move Easy

When you are going to move to a new house then there surely are many things on your mind. You are likely thinking about the decorations and the garden work and all of the happy memories that you will be making once you are all settled in. You are probably also thinking about your actual […]

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Using Games to keep the kids entertained during your move

Kids are usually the ones who look least influenced by the move but go through the hardest time of all members of the family. Keeping them entertained during the move so that they don’t have to be bored and stand around or possibly be in the way of your movers is something you should definitely […]

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Moving Has Never Been Easier

When it is time to pack up shop and move from one location to the next, some people fear that they are about to shoulder a workload that they can handle. Especially those who have a lot of belongings or aren’t in the best physical condition often see themselves faced with a seemingly insurmountable task. […]

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Tips for Moving with Pets

Pets are often overlooked in the process of a move and, as a result, when the truck is loaded and ready to pull away from the curb, the pet owners realise the pets are missing. Whether a local relocation or relocating to a new state, moving is stressful on the pets. As a responsible pet […]

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I am writing to say I would recommend your Company to anybody. The guys from St George Removals were professional, arrived on time and did a fantastic job from beginning to end. They carefully moved all our stuff quickly and efficiently and made my experience a very smooth and stress free one. Thank you once again.


I would just like to say that I have had bad removalist experiences before but St George Removals have restored my opinion, they were actually on time well a bit early but that was a bonus for me, they never complained even though there was two flights of stairs, they did everything in about the exact time I thought it would take and they were extremely professional! Thanks guys for an awesome move I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who asks! Cheers

Kelly Alvarez
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