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How to keep the kids Happy When Moving

At some point during your move you will feel stressed, you may even feel like giving up. Moving is hard, not just the packing and the transportation, but everything together seems like a never ending battle. And then you’ll have to come to terms with the change in environment, the new neighbours, the unfamiliar place. Even as an adult, a lot of these things are not easy to deal with so it’s only understandable that moving can take a toll on the children, as well. They may be small, and you may not think they understand what’s going on. They may be older and not seem to pay too much attention to the things that are happening around them. Or they may rebel; they may cry, scream, lock themselves in their rooms. Children know when change is taking place, and it’s best to take some time to acknowledge this and help to make the process easier on them.

Take some time out to talk to them and help them to understand things. Reassure them that things may seem complicated and hectic now, but soon enough it will all go back to normal. For the younger kids, try to use a story to explain to them what’s taking place. Think up something that includes their favourite characters and help them to understand in a creative, fun way. Allow them to see the move as an adventure, something to look forward to, something exciting, rather than something they should fear.

Listen to them. For the older children, they may be concerned about leaving their friends behind, or not fitting in their new location. Find out what their problems and their fears are when it comes to moving. Offer your support. Let them know that you are a constant in their lives, and you will always be there. Assure them that moving doesn’t mean that they will be losing their friends. Set a date when everyone can come together, and they can play and have fun so that they can say their goodbyes properly and also see that it just takes a phone call to bring everyone together again. And also when you have moved, let your children know that when they miss their old friends they can give them a call and plan a visit.

Have your family members and friends who your children are comfortable with the help out. When things get hectic in the House, try your best not to have the children in the midst of the chaos. Having someone they get along with pay them the attention that they need, especially at this difficult time, will go a long way in keeping them happy. And you will have the comfort of knowing that they are okay, and be able to focus more on getting some packing done.

Try to leave your child’s bedroom as the last place that you pack up in your old home. Leave some of their easy to pack toys out, as well as their blanket and their bed if possible until the last few days.

Once everything is all moved into your new home, you’ll have to get the unpacking done. Rather than getting the living room done first, which is something that most people do, focus on the kid’s room. This will make them feel comfortable from the get go. Be sure to have all their favourite toys and books unpacked and ready to enjoy. Bring back that sense of familiarity and allow your child to see that change is great sometimes and just because you moved, doesn’t mean they don’t get to have the things they love anymore. Even if you do have plans to change your child’s furniture, it may be a wise idea to hold on to them in your new home, at least for as long as it takes your child to develop a sense of comfort.

Hire a St George Removalist to help you with the move. If you try to tackle things on your own, you may end up overly stressed and unknowingly portray this on your child.

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