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Make the Move Easy

When you are going to move to a new house then there surely are many things on your mind. You are likely thinking about the decorations and the garden work and all of the happy memories that you will be making once you are all settled in. You are probably also thinking about your actual move and all of the work that is awaiting you on the hardly anticipated day. Your St George Removalist has compiled some good tips and useful information for you that will help you have an easier move ahead of you.

Have enough quality packing supplies

Packing up a whole household is a very tall task. It requires concentration, stamina and plenty of planning in order to get through it as fast as possible. One of the things that will make it much easier for you is having enough quality packing supplies ready. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use your old boxes and the tape that you have lying around, but you should definitely check if they are still as useful as they once were. Cardboard boxes in particular are not very water resistant. If you have been storing them in a rather moist place, then it may be possible that they have moulded and lost some of their strength and structure. This will be an especially big problem if you have many heavy and valuable things to pack up. You don’t want those to fall down and break in the middle of your move. You should check your boxes for such water damages and buy other ones if you can’t be sure that they are still stabile and useful. Also check your tape if it still does the job well. You need to be able to trust it, that it can keep your boxes shut and your valuables protected. Sometimes it is better just to buy new supplies and be on the safe side, rather than having to go through the stress of unnecessary accidents related to old packing supplies. You can call your St George Removalist and get even more information about safety during your move, as well as all the help with the hard work.

Give the little ones the day off

If you have young kids who like to play and run around then you should probably consider calling up your babysitter for the day. While your kids will probably enjoy the first few minutes of the move, they will soon get bored and frustrated. By having them babysat for the day, they can have a nice day of playing while you can get everything done that needs to be handled. It will save you some stress and frustration in the progress.

Save yourself the trouble altogether

No matter how many tips you get and no matter how good they are, the only way to be totally stress free is by hiring professionals to do the job for you. Your local moving team, the St George Removalist company will do the job for you. Their services range from simply moving your belongings to coming to your house and helping you get everything in order beforehand. When you order the full service, you will be able to have as close to no stress as it is humanly possible for somebody that is moving. Just call 1300 727 115 to talk to one of St George Removalist’s friendly professionals and schedule an appointment or obtain a quote.

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I am writing to say I would recommend your Company to anybody. The guys from St George Removals were professional, arrived on time and did a fantastic job from beginning to end. They carefully moved all our stuff quickly and efficiently and made my experience a very smooth and stress free one. Thank you once again.


I would just like to say that I have had bad removalist experiences before but St George Removals have restored my opinion, they were actually on time well a bit early but that was a bonus for me, they never complained even though there was two flights of stairs, they did everything in about the exact time I thought it would take and they were extremely professional! Thanks guys for an awesome move I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who asks! Cheers

Kelly Alvarez
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