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Office Removals


Moving Office? Looking for a reputable removals company to move your offices? Well look no further.

With years of experience, is superbly equipped to move all your office furniture and equipment. Our extensive range of services can take you around the corner, around the world. Pick St George for prompt re-establishment of personnel and minimum loss of productivity. We ensure your office move is done swiftly, effectively and with as little hassle as possible.

Trained, experienced and extremely efficient St George personnel will pack any documentation and/or office equipment according to your requirements, into quality, custom-made cartons.

Colour-coded labels and a detailed floor plan of the new premises will ensure the unpacking and delivery of furniture to the designated areas.

Our Well-equipped staff will ensure that the process of dismantling and re-assembling of office furniture runs smoothly. The cleaning-up of packing material immediately after unpacking, or at a pre-arranged date, leaves your new offices neat and ready for business.

St George is sufficiently equipped to transport any mechanical apparatus and electronic equipment securely and successfully to your new office/ business premises.

We offer:

  • Dismantle / re-assemble of work stations and furniture
  • Packaging / wrapping of all furniture and delicate items
  • Box packaging and supply to fit your requirements
  • Safe moving
  • Office Planning
  • Move your office with an experienced relocation company

Commercial Moves

No two moves are the same, this is something that the team of experts at St George removals thoroughly understand. If you are looking for a company that will cater to the individual needs of your move and offer you a service that is designed specifically for you, then you have come to the right place. At St George removals we ensure that we take the time out to speak with our clients about their wants, needs and expectations, finding out all we need to know in order to be able to provide them with the success that we promise, and the success that has been a part of our business from the very beginning. Your office move will be completed in a manner that you can deem perfect, that is what St George removals guarantees you.


Packing is perhaps one of the most tedious parts of an office move. As a business person, you have surely got a lot going on. You’ve got to prepare for the time that your business is out of operation and take care of more pressing matters. Leaving your packing up to the professionals at St George removals will give you the freedom to get all other aspects of your business in place. You can guarantee that we will apply our impeccable organizational skills to your packing and also that we will take care when boxes, and wrapping your belongings for transport. Having your items arrive at the final destination safely is something both you and the team of movers at St George removals want and we know just how to get it done. Years in the relocation industry, and having serviced a countless number of customers, we’ve mastered the craft of packing and transporting items, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe with us. If you have valuables that need to be packed for transport, this is something that the St George removals team is also competent in doing. Using only the highest quality of packing materials, we will ensure that your fragile items stay in one piece during the entire journey.

How a particular item is packed in the moving truck as well as the space that it occupies in the vehicle is essential to the condition it will arrive in at your new office. At St George removals we will ensure that all items are packed for safety. This means that throughout the journey, they won’t be moving around the truck, being in danger of getting broken or scratched.

Furniture Disassembling and Reassembling

St George removals can also assist you with assembling and disassembling your furniture. If you have pieces that won’t fit through your doorway or will be a problem squeezing through the staircase at your new location, then disassembling these items will be a necessity. Your St George removals will ensure that all the right tools are used to take apart the furniture that needs to be disassembled and once they are brought to their final location, the same care will be applied when putting them back together.

Choose a company that won’t cause you to stray outside of your company in order to get the much needed assistance with your office removal. We have the prices that you want to pay. Our competitive prices are just one of the reasons why those going through an office move come to us.


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I am writing to say I would recommend your Company to anybody. The guys from St George Removals were professional, arrived on time and did a fantastic job from beginning to end. They carefully moved all our stuff quickly and efficiently and made my experience a very smooth and stress free one. Thank you once again.


I would just like to say that I have had bad removalist experiences before but St George Removals have restored my opinion, they were actually on time well a bit early but that was a bonus for me, they never complained even though there was two flights of stairs, they did everything in about the exact time I thought it would take and they were extremely professional! Thanks guys for an awesome move I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who asks! Cheers

Kelly Alvarez
Phone me