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Prepare To Unpack When Packing

The thing about packing for a house move is that it’s all got to be unpacked at the other end. Being mindful of this when packing will ensure you don’t throw everything haphazardly into boxes and think that it will all get sorted at your new place. If you don’t sort it pre-move its unlikely it will get sorted post-move. To allow more time to sort through your things hire a professional Sydney Removalist from St George Removals to take care of packing, moving and unpacking. Here’s how to prepare to unpack when packing.

Pack as Though You are Going on Holiday

There will be plenty of things you need to pack up; however, it’s important to set aside your basics. Pack a suitcase with your essentials so that you can ultimately live out of it until everything has been moved and you have set up your new place. This ensures everything you need is easily accessible and you don’t have to worry about unpacking every box to find what you need.

Get Organised

Categorise all of your items any way you want, just make sure it’s a system that works for you. This may be by room or similar items such as all bedding kept together regardless of room. Keeping all of your bedding together can help when you move in as you can get the beds made straight away for your first night’s sleep. If you have miscellaneous items find a way of identifying these if they are placed in random boxes. Post it notes may work or coloured plastic bags. Ordering things in relation to room means you won’t be dashing all over the house when putting away your belongings in the new place.

Label Everything and Keep Track of Your Belongings

Labelling your boxes can be as simple as writing the name of the room you intend it to go in. Keeping a list of your inventory and what’s in each box can help you narrow down your search when you get to your new place. However, this isn’t the only way to do it and you can use technology to help you through the process. You can add everything to your computer or use an app to keep track of everything. Consider beforehand how you would like to label your things and follow through with it throughout the move.

Furniture Assembly

Some things will be moved in one piece but other things like beds are best to be taken apart and reassembled at its destination. Keep the instructions with the furniture items if you have them available or look them up online. Either have tools handy or transport them with the furniture so that they are handy when you need to put pieces together.

Perform a Thorough Clean

It’s likely your things will accumulate dust and dirt through the moving process. A quick wipe over before you bring it into your new home is essential. Once you‘ve got it inside you can give it a more thorough clean. Make sure it’s all cleaned before you use it.

When you pack consider how it will affect the unpacking at the other end. Getting organised and having the essentials on hand is a must. Stick with a labelling system and keep track of your possessions. Transport furniture with tools and instructions for easy assembly at your new place. Clean the furniture by using Furniture Removalist Sydney, before using it as the move can lead to a build-up of dust and dirt. Leave the moving process to the experts at St George’s Removals for an efficient and professional service.

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