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Moving Has Never Been Easier

When it is time to pack up shop and move from one location to the next, some people fear that they are about to shoulder a workload that they can handle. Especially those who have a lot of belongings or aren’t in the best physical condition often see themselves faced with a seemingly insurmountable task. However, even the toughest move becomes much easier and stress free when a few simple rules are followed. From packing to getting organized and finally moving, there is help out there that can make the difference between an easy and a tough move.


For most moves it is fair to say that packing is the largest part of the quest. In some cases it is even the hardest part. It involves organizational skills, discipline and time management. Those who are working 40 or even more hours per week and can’t afford to take time off just to be able to pack need to be especially organized and plan ahead accordingly.

The very first thing that needs to be taken care of before any move is getting together all of the supplies necessary for the packing process. It begins with the easy and more obvious things, such as boxes, tape, markers and cushioning materials and ends with specialty packing materials, such as elastic bands and trolleys. The more preparation precedes the actual packing process, the easier it will be to have everything packed, secured and ready for the day of the move.

One thing that makes every move easier is getting rid of some items that aren’t needed any longer. The less stuff that you have to pack and finally carry, the easier it will be for you. Therefore, you should go through all of your stuff before you start packing. Ask yourself the question, do I really need what I am looking at right now? Will I make use of this item in the next few months or even years? You might be surprised to see how many times you will answer your own question with: “I don’t think I’ll be needing that any time soon. You will likely discover items that you haven’t seen in a long time, as well as some things that you didn’t even know existed in your household.

By getting rid of the broken DVD player and the old microwave that you thought you may need at some point, you can save yourself a lot of time during your packing process. While that does mean that you should throw out certain things, it doesn’t mean that everything needs to be tossed. If you come across items that you realize you won’t make use of in the near future, but may still hold some value to others, you can consider having a yard or garage sale. By selling some of your items you can refill your moving budget and make life easier for yourself and those who are part of your move.

If you are somebody who isn’t comfortable organizing or packing or if you know that you simply won’t find the time to pack properly, you should consider hiring professionals to help you with the task. It isn’t all that well known, however, moving companies generally also offer help with the packing duties of the move. By using the knowledge and experience of professionals you can be sure that your belongings, whether they may be breakable or are of high value, are packed in a way that ensures safety and a heading down the road. You can have your moving crew help you pack on the day of your move or schedule a date when they can come in and pack under your supervision before your move.

Moving smartly
There are plenty of things that can go wrong and make your move harder than it has to be when it comes to packing boxes, containers and furniture into your moving van. For one, you may end up with scratched, dented or simply broken items that weren’t stacked properly. While it may seem like a given, it cannot be highlighted and stressed enough. Fragile and lighter items and boxes should not be on the bottom of a stack. By placing heavier boxes and containers on top, you do not only add more weight on your fragile items, but you are also causing the entire stack to be shaky and at a higher risk of falling during the drive.

This will not only damage the items you stacked, but also others that the heavy items fall on. Also, it is not very smart to place shaky items on the bottom. This will, once again, cause your items to be at a higher risk of tumbling and breaking. By hiring professionals to do the carrying and stacking for you, you will be on the safe side and not see yourself faced with a situation involving broken or damaged items.

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